I was three months old

when I committed my first crime -

smuggling Solidarity propaganda paperwork to Polish resistance leaders who were behind bars. To outsmart the Communists, my mother snuck them in my diaper.  We were eventually deported to the United States, and my family started with near nothing. No one spoke English, we only had 2 pieces of luggage, and $200's between us. They worked any job they could. 

Despite the odds, we made it. 

I am now a Dad, a writer, apiarist, and Green Beret. 
I've travelled to over 40 countries, run with the Bulls in Pamplona, and seen some amazing things.

I've since started writing
Some of my stories are pure fiction and others are rooted in near-truths. Whatever the genesis, I loved creating, discovering, and challenging the people (and characters) within these stories, and I'd like to share them with you. 

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Air boat is a can't-put-it-down, stay-up-all-night, tell-all-your-friends triumph.

In his debut novel, Jacek has delivered an indelible protagonist and an unforgettable love story.

As vividly wrought as any characters Donna Tartt has ever conjured, Luke and Stella and their beguiling courtship will remain in your head and heart way after finishing this delight of a tale. Jacek's writing is fresh, immediate and full of surprising and wholly original moments of magic and poetry. He takes us on a good old-fashioned adventure, filled with cinema-worthy details of the American West, while endearing us to the haunted yet heroic man at the center of the story (as well as his lovable canine sidekick, Saint). Jacek's scenes of flirtation and early love are some of the most enticingly charming I can remember reading, and the novel’s climax unfolds with incomparable imagination and tenderness. 


—Caitlin McNally, Senior Producer, National Geographic 

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I had the great pleasure of being a guest on Katherine's Opportunity Made podcast, where I talked about being the first born son to Leszek Waliszewski - an original co-founder of the Solidarnosc movement in Poland, all the way to being a US Army Special Forces Green Beret, and what I learned along the way. Thank you Katherine for the great opportunity, and to everyone out there, please tune in and click the picture above or link below!