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Jacek committed his first crime when he was three months old  -

smuggling Solidarity propaganda paperwork to Polish resistance leaders  in prison - His father was the cofounder to the 1980s Solidarity movement, and his mother stuck paperwork in his diaper and smuggled them in. A year later, his family had a choice, get traded out to the Soviet's or become political refugees.  
Two pieces of luggage later, with Jacek (2 years old) and his sister, and less than forty dollars to their name, they made it to America. His Dad, Leszek Waliszewski, was the first Solidarity Member to brief Congress (see video below) and they worked multiple jobs to make ends meet. 

And despite all the odds, they made it. 


Jacek is now a Dad, a writer, and Special Forces Green Beret. He's travelled to over 40 countries, run with the Bulls in Pamplona, gone to Oxford, and seen some amazing things.

He's since started sharing those stories- 
some of his books are pure fiction and others are rooted in near-truths. Whatever the genesis, he loves creating, discovering, and sharing the people (and characters) he's met along the way, and he hopes you love getting to know them too.  

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His father (left) in 1981 with Lech Walesa

(First democratically elected preseident of Poland in 1990) planning the revolution 

Leszek Waliszewski (far right) meeting with

President Reagan, ~1984

Leszek Waliszewski is the first Polish Leader to address the US Government at the Democratic National Committee of 1984 to raise support against Marshal Law and Communist Rule in Poland 

The Special Forces Connection is a riveting and fast paced US Army Green Beret Special Forces series. Discover the fictionalized real-life characters and their interconnected adventures, romances, and heartache. These people, who have accomplished the dangerous, the remarkable, and the unknown - have lived in the shadows... until now.


#1 Fiction Adventure 2022, #2 Romance 2023

#100 Shelf Media Indie, Chanticleer Novella Finalist 2022

da Vinci Award Finalist 2022

"Air boat is a can't-put-it-down, 

stay-up-all-night, tell-all-your-friends triumph" -

Caitlin McNally National Geographic Producer 



Pentagon Approved, Real World Story 

Stunning and Captivating, Thrilling and Sensual,

Action & Adventure. 

“I just spent the entire day reading this book on vacation. It's a light-hearted page-turner, but with characters (especially the main guy, Luke) that are endearing, interesting and complex.”



Luke’s war background is handled with sensitivity, endearing him to us as much as his sidekick, the lovable dog Saint. Of course there is adventure as well as a love story. Waliszewski’s vivid settings brings the Montana countryside to life, a great read and a perfect selection for a book club discussion."


Barnes and Noble

"If Indiana Jones and Tom Clancy had a baby... Luke would be it. My girlfriend read this book practically overnight, then left it in the bathroom. I read it because I had nothing else to do, and holy hell, it is amazing. I haven't admitted to her that I read it, but I did take a lot more bathroom breaks than I normally do! The whole book reads like a movie."


I got an early copy and read it with a laugh, then got all hot and bothered, then my mouth dropped open. I don't know how much of this is "True" as opposed to fictional and fictionalized. But when I finished it I have the eerie feeling this book might have happened in real life. 


I pre-read Midnight in Syria, and I'm not going to lie, it's f-ing amazing. 


Good Reads

I just spent the entire day reading this book on vacation. It's a light-hearted page-turner, but with characters (especially the main guy, Luke) that are endearing, interesting and complex. 

3x Emmy Award Winning, Feature Documentary Murrow Winning, and Oscar Short Listed 


Jacek Waliszewski, aka "Chief Jack" is featured in Matt Heineman's Award winning documentary -Retrograde - which showcases the intimate and difficult realities of the last few months of America's 20 year war in Afghanistan 

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podcast thumbnai.png

Oxford, Saiid Business School 2023

These are some of the smartest people I've ever met. It's an absolute privilage to be in the room with them, and learn their views on the world.

Jacek Waliszewski (Yacht-sek Volley-chef-ski) is a Special Forces US Army Green Beret who fictionalizes real world stories and situations (with permission of those he interviews.) He only publishes the books after a painstaking security review by the Department of Defense, and only after the story has been sufficiently "Fictionalized" to protect the identities and missions within.


Air Boat

is the first book in the SF Connection, was written as a mental escape while he and his team were stuck in Afghanistan as the entire country fell apart around them. Unable to do more than the herculean efforts they were already conducting, Jacek created a "what happens next" scenario that spawned Luke, Stella, and their loveable canine Saint. He and his team escaped into the story, and the very next year, Air Boat won Best Adventure Fiction, as well as sevearl other accolades.


Midnight in Syria

is book two in the SF Connection. Drawing on real world events and the unpredictible demise in Syria, Dakota, an intrepid journalist who is set on making a name for herself gets in too deep and finds herself stuck in Syria on the eve of the Revolution. Owen, a mysterious Special Operator, finds her, and they must work together if they have any hope of escaping. Little do they know it might already be too late, and those that are helping them along their way are being targetted. They must then make the ultimate decision, take them with, or leave them behind.


1945 is coming out in 2024.

It is a riveting spy thriller set a the end of WWII, based on a real-world secret mission that hasn't been known till now - the first Cold War mission, to bomb the Nazi Atomic Research Facility before the Soviet's can get to it. More so, 2 secret OSS-era manuscripts have just been discovered! Jacek has asked the DOD and CIA for permission to publish them, with a planned release for the first hand accounts set to release at the end of 2024 or early 2025.

The Academy, Of Icarus, and the Special Forces Connection are drafted, and will be released in 2026 / 2027. 

These will include the last few months of the last Special Forces Mission in Helmand, Afghanistan, in the book 'Notes of 21,' which is a painstakingly detailed view that gives the inside perspective of the end of America's longest war.

Come discover the intertwining and interdependent lives, pain, and triumphs of real world heros in this fast paced series of stories that is sure to keep the pages turning.

The Special Forces Connection waits for you.

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